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Shaye Archer ist wieder da!

Und ermittelt weiter. Diesmal braucht eine Collegestudentin ihre Hilfe, denn deren Freund ist verschwunden. Aber dummerweise hat Shaye gerade selbst mehr als genug Probleme …

College student Tara Chatry is certain something bad has happened to her best friend Ethan Campbell. The smart, geeky student has disappeared, and when Tara tries to get the police involved, they dismiss her concerns, convinced Ethan is just another college student off on a bender.

Shaye Archer hasn’t even been back in New Orleans for a full day when Tara knocks on her door, asking for help. Shaye isn’t prepared to jump back into her old job, but knows if she doesn’t help Tara, no one else will. As she works to find Ethan, she discovers that he’s not the only victim. A serial killer is at work, playing a deadly game, and Shaye rushes against the clock to save Ethan before it’s too late.


Den 4. Shaye-Archer-Thriller gibt es ab sofort hier zu kaufen:



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Eine deutsche Übersetzung ist vorerst jedoch leider nicht geplant.


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